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FPH - MU Sofia

About the Journal

“Health Policy and Management” is the new name of the journal "Healthcare management", which publication started in 2001. It is the only one in Bulgaria in which healthcare is discussed in all its aspects and in connection with the other sectors of the public life.

The journal is published by the Faculty of Public Health at the Medical University, Sofia in cooperation with the Society for Analyses and Consultations Ltd., Sofia.

The editorial team and editorial board work together to provide as full information as possible in the field of the journal.
The conception
of the journal “Health Policy and Management” is based on the real need of changing healthcare within the framework of the general reform of public life performed in Bulgaria.

ISSN: 1311- 4981

Outlook appearance
Number of pages: 52-64 full-coloured pages and paper back covers.
Format: A-4 – 4 x 4 full-coloured pages.

Mission & Goals:
To stimulate and support professional behaviour and the process of self-actualizartion of the managers, administrators and professionals working in the field of health and healthcare. In particular, it is aimed at development of the organizational culture in the country as well as to provide adequate training of a new generation of health managers and health professionals.

Our readers are professionals in the field of healthcare, personnel managers, managers, procurators of profit and non-profit organizations, managers of cooperative organizations, directors of finance, administrators, PR-managers and all specialists taking professional decisions in the field of health and healthcare.

Annual issues of the journal are deposited in the “St. st. Cyril and Methodius” National Library as well as in the Central Medical Library at the Medical University, Sofia. The journal is included in the database “Bulgarian Medical Literature” of the Central Medical Library.

How to contact us

Bulgaria, 1527 Sofia
8, Bialo More St., IV fl.
Public Health Faculty, Medical University - Sofia
Journal “Health Policy and Management”

Tel. / Fax: + 359 02 9432 – 127 / 304 / 216