Themes and rubrics


To the Journal "Health Policy and Management"

Rubrics (Major Headings)

Positions Interviews
Studies, Analyses, Reviews Information Technologies in Healthcare
Healthcare Economics Comments
Clinical Management Inquiries, Questionnaires
Discussion Club   Questions and Answers
Events, Facts Actual Scientific Information (Terminology, Bibliography, New Books)
Column of the Editor



Themes (Subject Headings)

Methodology and Methodic Marketing in Healthcare
Sociology of Healthcare Healthcare Economics
Psychological Problems in Healthcare Management Financial Management and Accounting of Healthcare
Social Psychology of Management Healthcare Quality Management
Health Policy Administration of Health Projects
Medical Ethics Management of International Cooperation
Health Legislation Public Relations
Medical Pedagogics Information Management
Religion and Healthcare Clinical Management
Management of Non-hospital Health Services Management of Nursing
Management of Hospital Care Organization and Economics of Pharmacy
Health Insurance Management of Public Dental Health
Social Insurance and Pension Insurance   Others



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